For 20 years the JNA Association has been promoting Hearing Health as a key part of wellness and wellbeing in France. JNA’s team raises awareness for this cause in government, and with professionals in the prevention and health care sectors in France and further abroad.

visuel-afficheEach year in March JNA’s team organises a national Hearing Care campaign, “JNA Day”. They also mobilise actors (doctors, teachers, nurses, audiologists, psychologists, associations of deaf and hard of hearing, associations active in the fields of health and prevention, speech therapists, social workers, human resources departments, etc.) who spread the message in schools, companies, hospitals, local authorities, retirement homes, and so on JNA Day. The team of the association is resource to assist these actors to organize their actions. 2500 of them participate and millions of people are aware of each year (conferences, free screening…)

JNA’s team develops media messages and inspires the media to relay Hearing Care messages. The JNA Association works throughout the year and several prevention campaigns will be organised: Fête de la Musique [Festival of Music] (June), back to school (September), Seniors Week (October), Hearing Care at Work Week (October), and so on. 3.000 articles and reports carried out each year by the press.

The JNA Association is convinced that the development of a hearing health policy could be a tremendous opportunity to improve the general state of the population’s health, and, as a result, the human development indicator in France and abroad. That’s why JNA’s team is taking part and wishes to contribute to the French Health policy and to international programmes (Who’s programmes and so on) and create synergies. The JNA association is a member of the ear and hearing care coalition organized by the WHO.

The JNA Association is a non-profit organisation which is recognised as the major public health actor in France for promoting Hearing Care. The JNA Association is managed by volunteer ENT professors, researchers, ENT doctors, audiologists, and speech-therapists.

The JNA action

1) JNA’s engagement in advocacy

Advocate for better health of individuals through the development of hearing health policy represents the heart of the activity of the association. The JNA association leads in France a genuine policy of mainstreaming in this area. The association is now a public health actor recognized for his alert and advocacy.

2) JNA’s engagement in alert

Each year, the JNA association organizes the national day of hearing campaign and carries out a survey of opinion in order to alert public authorities, professionals of health and prevention, directors of health and prevention programs, the media of the impact of our behaviour on hearing health and its degradation. The results of these surveys are now a reference in public health.

3)The JNA association: main hearing health in France and in French-language information centre


Through its network of experts the JNA association is resource for all programs of prevention and health and for journalists.

The JNA association :

  • is an information media through its dedicated to hearing non-commercial portal
  • develops prevention tools declined by targets for all actors participating in the JNA campaign
  • is resource for those involved in prevention in need of prevention in French tools in the world

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